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A Funny Thing Happened …

… at the airport the other day. A friend and colleague actually witnessed a very good landing of mine. It almost never happens that your good landings have a witness – and it almost always happens that the bad landings

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Choosing a Flight Instructor

Of all the challenges facing a student pilot, the most important may well be choosing the right instructor. With no experience and little guidance, you are supposed to select someone who will influence your life more than you can imagine.

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Ignorance Ain’t Bliss

About a month and a half after I got my private pilot certificate (July 14, 1976 – still one of my favorite days in my life), I rented a Piper Cherokee from the FBO at an airport that no longer

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Training Airplanes

Unless you’re as strange as me and my taildragger mates, you probably don’t want to learn to fly in a J-3 Cub, Citabria, Decathlon or some other tailwheel type – although there are strong arguments for such training. We’ll save

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Things I think I think

I’ve been known to ramble on (and ramble on and ramble on) about flight training topics, and blog-writing can, in some hands, become a pompous self-indulgence. I’ll try to ramble as little as possible in these posts and become as

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