Super Cub 83679

Welcome to NE, KBFF

We found Super Cub 83679, a PA18-150 with a 160 hp O-320 engine, in Fargo, North Dakota. Partner Gregg had been searching for a couple of years for the perfect Super Cub – and we found her: 18″ extended “cub crafter” wing tips, vortex generators, 50 degrees of flaps, meticulously restored by Les Ellingson.

We love looking at her almost as much as we love flying her. And to fly her is to love her. She is not a primary trainer, however – super cubs are advanced tailwheeling. But, if you get a t/w endorsement from me in the flying club’s Champ, there’s a really good chance you’ll get to find out what all the fuss is about super cubs. She’s a dream.