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Black Lives Matter

It’s hard to avoid politics these days, and this blog is supposed to be flying-related. What happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Memorial Day of this year, is more important than the focus of a blog. The murder of George Floyd

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Pandemic Reading

You’re still stuck at home, you’re bored outta your gourd – what are ya gonna do? Read. It’s pandemic reading time. A while ago, I offered ideas from my pilot’s library. Since the pandemic has offered many of us opportunities

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Life As We Know It – Six Weeks Since The Shutdown Over The Coronavirus Pandemic

Life as we know it, for now. It’s funny what gets you excited when you’ve chosen not to instruct and your spouse is laid off. Much of the excitement is financial. Seriously, when do we ever get excited by something

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Altruism vs Novel Coronavirus

This originally started out to be a paean to Patrick’s Day, and where we were going to spend it, in Hawai’i. The subject, or title, of this piece took care of that. How the novel coronavirus affects aviation, or at

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Twenty-twenty. The importance of vision in a momentous year. Because I didn’t have twenty-twenty vision, I was never going to be able to fly for the airlines. Although things have changed for the better in the last forty-five years since

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Pilot Christmas

What to get the pilot in your life for Christmas Well, even though I don’t own one (just can’t seem to drink Steve Jobs’ Kool-Aid), an iPad would be great … but then, of course, you’ve gotta buy your pilot

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What Happens When You Start an Airplane

A very simplified, non-technical discussion Did you ever wonder what happens when you go to start an airplane? Let’s assume a standard General Aviation airplane, like a Cessna 172, or a Piper Cherokee, or any number of types, or those

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Logbook Highlights

Herein you will find, eventually, a series of tales about people with whom I’ve flown: Logbook Highlights from 44 years and 11,500 hours of flying. The reason you’re reading just these few words is that, if you read the post

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I’ve got nothing this month. I had nothing last month. There are a couple of reasons. First (and this will make a short story a whole bunch longer – imagine – Have we met? I do tend to run on,

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How To Save a Botched Landing in a Tailwheel

Dan and I were working to get him current in the club Citabria, 901T, on Monday, 22July2019. Immediately below you’ll find Dan’s recounting of the incident, and then you’ll get to read why it was all my fault “After about

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