Black Lives Matter

It’s hard to avoid politics these days, and this blog is supposed to be flying-related. What happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Memorial Day of this year, is more important than the focus of a blog.

The murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis policeman, and the reactions and protests over it, may become the most important events in the history of race relations. It’s a horror that a man has lost his life, but the method of his death has sparked a movement that may result in true equality for people of color. And I’m encouraged by the fact that enormous numbers of white people have participated in the protests.

These events recall the sometimes violent reaction that occurred in 1968 after the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

The protests continue, and so does the dialogue. What can we now do?

Well, for one, I’ve been so bizzy doing nothing that I’ve got to learn what we can do now. More to come …

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