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Memories of Flying in Hawai’i

It’s just past noon, PDT, on 30Jun2022. I’ve had thoughts about this topic over time. I wrote about a trip my wife and I took a half dozen years ago, and posted it herein. So … what you’re reading right

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Plan for the Future

I dunno about y’all, but I never had a plan for the future – which, I believe, is a thing rarely, if ever, admitted to by those who become very successful in their chosen, carefully-planned careers. My Mother once asked

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How I Became a Flight Instructor – Part II

A funny thing happened on my way to the instrument rating which segues quite nicely into Part II of how I became a flight instructor. That’s a dumb opening, isn’t it? Sheez, who is this guy? Hokay, back to the

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10,000 Hours

What would you do for your 10,000th hour of flight? Let me preface that with this. Airline pilots regularly retire with 20,000 hours or more. One of my favorite people ever, C. J. Logue, retired from TWA with over 24,000

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OMG, Another Cross Country

OMG, another cross country ramble. What’s worse, it’s a ramble from San Diego to a northern locale – a reverse version of the trip Turner and I made in October 2014. At least, this time, I got to spend time

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The Ground Loop

Writing about one’s own stupidity is never easy – especially when that stupidity had government witness. Nonetheless, enough time has passed to assuage the embarrassment and psychic pain, so let me tell you about my ground loop. First, for those

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A Life Saving Air Traffic Controller Story

I have a new friend. He saved my life once, a half-dozen years ago. Just recently we met because he wanted to get his tailwheel endorsement. Am I a lucky guy, or what. I mean, how many times do you

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A Cross Country To Die … er … Live For (fin)

Told ‘ya. Got too damned bizzy with treadmill stress tests, blood tests, AME’s, cardiologists and Christmas. Oh, and flight reviews and WINGS certificate completions. So, as advertised, just in time for the new year … TA DA … the pulsating

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A Cross Country to Die … er … Live For

How far away is Fargo, North Dakota. Well, the airport identifier tells you all you need to know: KFAR. Tis about as FAR from about anywhere in this country as you can be. I know that airport designations attempt to

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The Destruction of Decathlon 62973

When a building starts moving towards you, it’s time to think … fast. Only your brain doesn’t exactly comprehend what is happening … or what to do … because, most of us have never seen a building moving in any

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