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The Best Taildraggers

Okay, the best taildraggers that I’ve ever flown is probably more accurate. I won’t be talking about those plastic abominations currently being built using variations on the name “Cub”. I’ve seen the performance numbers, and I’m sure they’re accurate –

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Paddy Moloney Is Dead

Paddy Moloney is dead, and the world is a sadder place. I know, I know, this is supposed to be a blog about aviation and I doubt that Paddy Moloney had any connection to aviation, except as a passenger flying

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Life After Vaccination

I got my second shot of Moderna vaccine on March 10, 2021, and the two week post-vax waiting period ended on March 24. My wife got her first Pfizer shot on March 27, the second is due on April 18,

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Moderna Vaccine and Other Fascinating Tidbits

(Airplane stuff, I swear, at the bottom of this piece. No. Really.) Today is 1 March 2021 and I was ‘sposed to get my second Moderna COVID inoculation today. Unfortunately, two weeks prior a tragic winter storm kicked the doodoo

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Vaccine – I Feel Good

To grab a line from James Brown and the Famous Flames: “I FEEL GOOD … “ “Why?” asks Gentle Reader. Well, first, there’s an adult in the White House who cares about this country, and cares about its people. I’ve

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January, 2021

We have entered January, 2021. When I started this website (my third over the last quarter of a century), I made a promise to myself to post a new blog entry every month. For the last seven years I’ve missed

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Eight Months ago, I wrote about instructors’ responsibilities and actions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot has happened since, not a lot of it good. The last day I instructed in an airplane was March 15, 2020. As I wrote

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Six Months of Coronavirus Pandemic

As I write this, approaching the end of September 2020, we’ve endured just over six months of the consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We are not happy. Since I stopped instructing on 15March, I’ve flown 38 times for a total

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Pandemic Reading

You’re still stuck at home, you’re bored outta your gourd – what are ya gonna do? Read. It’s pandemic reading time. A while ago, I offered ideas from my pilot’s library. Since the pandemic has offered many of us opportunities

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Pilot Christmas

What to get the pilot in your life for Christmas Well, even though I don’t own one (just can’t seem to drink Steve Jobs’ Kool-Aid), an iPad would be great … but then, of course, you’ve gotta buy your pilot

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