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Communications Should Be Simple

Okay … I’m in full rant mode on this topic. How hard is it to communicate with ATC? Apparently it’s more difficult than anyone can imagine. I mean, we start communicating not long after we take our first breaths, don’t

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Taking on the Tailwheel

By Kris Lichter and Glenn Daly Kris: One of the things you learn about pilots as you become one yourself is that there are different strokes for different folks. Some people live to fly high and fast, others love cruising

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The Value of Experience

This is going to sound self-serving – and it probably is – but there is a point. No … really. It happens sometimes that a student chooses not to fly with me because my rates are higher than most instructors

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New Year’s Resolutions

Ah, the New Year: bad hangovers and worse resolutions. Ideally, if you suffered the one, you haven’t vowed to eliminate the source of the other. Pain fades and hangar flying sessions are always fueled by adult beverages. Why add the

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Winter Wonderland

Ah, wintertime. Ain’t it grand? Under SoCal Skies, winter ain’t much compared to other parts of the country. In Pittsburgh where I went to college, sub-zero wind chill factors, ice, sleet, snow and freezing rain were the winter norms. We

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The 40-hour Private Pilot Myth

Flight has lots of mythology: Icarus and Daedalus; Pegasus, the winged horse; flying dragons and flying monkeys (c.f. “The Wizard of Oz”). One of the biggest flight training myths is that of the 40-hour private pilot. (An even greater myth

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The Male/Female Pilot Myth – a short treatise

There are those who will tell you that males make better pilots than females. In a word, that is hogwash – or, if you prefer plainer language, bullshit. In many ways, women take to flying easier and quicker than men.

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Those Terrible TFR’s

 A few years ago (okay, a dozen or so) the President of the United States paid a visit to Southern California. Good ol’ W landed at Miramar, then also graced the LA area with his presence. In the aftermath of

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Choosing a Flight Instructor

Of all the challenges facing a student pilot, the most important may well be choosing the right instructor. With no experience and little guidance, you are supposed to select someone who will influence your life more than you can imagine.

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Training Airplanes

Unless you’re as strange as me and my taildragger mates, you probably don’t want to learn to fly in a J-3 Cub, Citabria, Decathlon or some other tailwheel type – although there are strong arguments for such training. We’ll save

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