Drama … in the cockpit

Can you imagine: drama in the cockpit? It sometimes happens in flight training and, when it does, it’s got to be eradicated, eliminated, brutally and finally dispatched.

You understand that as a student pilot you will be confronted by situations for which you’re unprepared, things that may frighten you, maneuvers that may make you very uncomfortable. It’s part of what you signed up for, knowingly one hopes, that the sky can sometimes become a fickle witch or the airplane may behave in ways for which you were unprepared. It’s flying. You’re moving through a moving mass of air with an invisible force supporting your (as you may think) flimsy wings. There are bumps in the sky and sometimes bumps make us unsettled. There are maneuvers that you must perform and sometimes they can make you feel uncomfortable – slow flight and stalls are two; steep turns can sometimes get your heart rate up when you’re new.

The important thing to remember when unexpected turbulence or scary maneuvers are called for is that you’ve chosen the sky. And, when you become a pilot, you are responsible for your fate, and the fate of those with whom you fly. So, when stuff starts happening, you need to take control and remain calm to resolve whatever problem may occur. You need to become the heart and soul of a “Pilot in Command.”

Drama, my friends, does not solve problems – it exacerbates them. Every “OH MY GOD,” you shriek only worsens the situation and unnerves anyone around you. Throwing your hands up into the air when the sky gets bumpy will not get you down on the ground – well, it won’t get you down on the ground under control.

So … if you’re a drama queen (you know who you are), you might start working on toning the dq down if you want to become a successful pilot. I’ve flown with a few and helped them herd the drama queen back into the closet where the witch belongs. I’ve passed on flying with a few who didn’t know how to keep the drama out. (And, if you happen to be a dramatic male, there ain’t no drama kings, honey, only drama QUEENS. Try to hide that glittery crown, fella.)

Leave the drama queen in the hangar, honey – she don’t belong in the sky.

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