Glenn Daly

"No Hands!"

“No Hands!”

SoCal Skies is a flight training business founded in 1998 by Glenn Daly at San Diego’s Montgomery Field (KMYF). Glenn is an FAA certificated Flight Instructor, Instrument Instructor, Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor. He has been flying since 1975, has accumulated over 10,000 hours in the sky, and has provided nearly 8000 hours of quality instruction to hundreds of students.

Flight instruction is a passion of Glenn’s. Over the years, he has developed his own syllabi for all flight training certificates and ratings. He is a former volunteer aviation safety counselor for the FAA’s San Diego Flight Standards District Office. He has worked as a writer for John and Martha King, helping to develop the private and instrument CBI courses for Cessna Aircraft. For ten years, he flew Travel Air open cockpit biplane air tours over San Diego for Barnstorming Adventures. He is a member of Plus One Flyer’s and instructs through that organization. He is also a member of the Board of Director’s of Plus One Flyers.

He is a partner in a 1977 Super Cub. He is also a partner in a 1941 Stearman open cockpit biplane. He loves to fly.

Even more than loving to fly, Glenn loves teaching people to fly – whether you’re brand new to the idea, or a grizzled flier looking to learn a new skill. If you’re interested in getting your private pilot certificate, adding a rating or another certificate, or getting a tailwheel, complex or high performance endorsement, you can contact Glenn by clicking on the email link in the Contacts page, calling the number listed or dropping him a letter to his snail mail address.

Students who fly with Glenn not only can schedule their choice of airplanes on their computers, they can schedule Glenn’s time as well. He subscribes to Schedule Master, the Plus One scheduling program. So, knowing your own schedule, you open a browser with the club’s scheduling page to check for airplane availability, then you open another browser to Glenn’s Schedule Master page to see his availability. Match the two, book both, you’re set to go and Glenn gets an email from Schedule Master letting him know that you’ve scheduled his time. It’s fast, convenient and easy.

There are three essentials you expect from a flight instructor: you want to be safe; you want to learn efficiently and in the shortest amount of time possible; and you want to have fun. There are lots of instructors who can handle the first two – some of them forget, however, that it’s supposed to be fun. Glenn has never forgotten what drew him to the sky all those years ago: that sense of wonder and the desire for fun. And he never forgets that fun is what most people want from the sky. Even when the learning process requires maneuvers that may not seem fun at the time, if you fly with Glenn you’ll always have fun.