Holy Haysoos – the MYF Runway 23 Reconstruction Project Is Completed?

MYF Runway 23 Reconstruction is completed.

Well … no, not really. Holy Haysoos.

Runway 23 was opened to air traffic on Thursday, 11 August 2016. So that means that perhaps the longest runway reconstruction project in the history of airports – taking one year and six months to rebuild a runway that is used, maybe, 5% of the time, requiring the closing of the parallel runway at one of the bizziest general aviation airports in this country, requiring the closing of multiple taxiways, and requiring the patience of all airport users … except the What Do We Care We Get Our Money No Matter How Slow We Work Construction Company – is over.

Well … not exactly.

Runway 23 is open. The problem is that you can’t get to it. For one, the construction clowns have damaged Taxiway Charlie running heavy equipment over it, chewing it up. Another problem is that, somehow, the City thought that the Fire Department’s Huey helicopters needed to park on Charlie until the concrete poured for their new pad – hard by the tower and ridiculously close to Taxiway Charlie – hasn’t quite cured yet. Oh, and of course, there is the issue of water pooling under the reconstructed runway from an unknown source. Pish-posh.
SO, Gentle Reader, you can land on Runway 23 – you just can’t taxi to it to take off from it. Perhaps ATC will allow back taxi on the runway, then guide airplanes waiting to take off onto the usable areas of Charlie – maybe even the chewed up, asphalt-chunked, run-up area – and then allow takeoffs. We’ll pursue ATC plans for this debacle in another rant.
I was the fourth person to land on the newly reconstructed runway – well, my student, Chris and I, were. Earlier landers were friends, Steve and Bob. The first user shall remain nameless although someone had to test it to see if the water pooling under the runway would cause the runway to collapse – and it didn’t. We’re so glad. We like the tester.
When will it all end? To answer that question, let’s pretend we’re municipal workers, just for a moment. No … let’s not. Instead, let’s pretend that the last year and a half of stupidity, delays and construction assholery didn’t happen. There was no “case of the missing contract management weenie”. There was no “Bozo the biologist, and the absurd case of his bird of interest, Freddie the Freeloading Burrowing Owl. Let’s pretend that the next contract the City lets for airport “improvements” is to a construction company that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that there are penalties for shoddy workmanship and delays.
Let’s pretend we’ve moved to Fantasyland, because, as experience tells us, the City of San Diego, Enron by the Bay, can’t manage its assets (can’t finds its assets with either hand), can’t write construction contracts, and can’t do its bloody job. America’s Finest City – har, har-de-har.
Ain’t it grand.

BTW – the airport folk have requested the presence of Montgomery Field airport users at a meeting on September 8, 2016, in the airport terminal building, at 7pm. Past gatherings of this “airport users group” have been dominated by whirlybird weenies – who abused our friend Bob because of his J-3 Cub flying. We’d love to see a strong force of interested fixed wing pilots make their presence known to the airport management people. If we don’t show up, the Deputy Director of Airports only hears only the demands from the helo hobos of Montgomery Airport users.
Fixed wing pilots unite: rise up and throw off the shackles of oppression.

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