Logbook Signatures, Part Deux

JC Boylls (11-17-97. 3-2-98, 9-28-98), Lowell Williams (June 4, 2000 and prior) Dante Rockatani (1/7/96), Tom Harnish (1/7/96), John Marshall (5-19-97), Dave Parish Whitaker (5-6-96), Kal Skadberg (5-14-97, 8-20-98 1st tw, 11-2-98 tw endorsement), Mike McCafferty (10-1-98).

What’s all those names and dates mean? It looks like I’ll be telling stories about people with whom I’ve flown. We find ourselves at the arse end of July, and I’ve yet to compose July’s blog. So … here’s a tease. Whenever I get done with this – mid-August I might imagine – you, Gentle Reader, will get more flying stories. If you look at the list, you might note the third name: Dante Rockatani. How could you not want to read a story about a pilot named “Rockatani.”

Stay tuned.

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