Montgomery Field Runway 23 Reconstruction Project Into Second Year

You Mean It’s Not Over Yet?

I write on 25July2016 to inform y’all that Runway 23 is still closed. If you’ve followed this rant from the start, you’ll know that the City Airports folk – including the City Real Estate Department and Deputy Director of Airports, Rodney Probst – haven’t been doing a bang-up job of rebuilding a runway that is used less than 5% of the time. The schedule (if you can call it such) stated that the project would be complete in February 2016. We approach the fifth month since the completion “deadline” and there is no end in sight. Sigh. How can any City enterprise be this incompetently managed. Well, if you’ve lived here for a while you might not be surprised.
I’ve asked City employees when the runway will reopen. The answer is, basically, “We’re not sure.” Apparently after all the construction weenies had finished their diddling around our airport – taxiways rebuilt, Golf-1 created and Golf interrupted to remove an FAA “hotspot”, runway reconstruction completed – someone found water pooling, and possibly undermining, the runway. Weeks after the discovery, the WDWCWGOMNMHSWW (What Do We Care We Get Our Money No Matter How Slow We Work) Construction Company made an appearance and determined that an underground water source existed beneath Runway 23 and might undermine the runway. Gosh, Batman, what do we do now?
At least that’s how it appears. The runway was completed in late June, 2016. We are now late July, 2016. Nothing has been done. I repeat. Nothing has been done.
It was suggested that some sort of a drain will be attempted to divert the water away from the runway. We’re not sure how that will happen, or when, but nothing has been done.
I asked ATC, yesterday, when Runway 23 would reopen. “The runway is closed indefinitely,” was the reply I received
Perhaps the City is contacting some water experts to determine its next course of action. Maybe the City is attempting to locate the source of the water to determine if the WDWCWGOMNMHSWW Construction Company has damaged an underground water line. Who knows? The City may be hoping that it has found a new source of potable water on Airport property and is negotiating rights with the Water District. Is it a miracle? Could divine intervention have saved San Diego from its current five year drought? Hallelujah.
In the meantime, NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE to complete the Runway 23 Reconstruction Project that is now two months into its second year. I admit that I am a frustrated fiction writer, but, I swear, you can’t make this stuff up.

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