Not The Freeway, Dummy

This late August rant comes courtesy of the dummy flying a Cherokee-6 who landed on the I-5 freeway on August 24th. The freeway? Really? Oh, yeah – and as things happen when dummies experience engine failures – it was just

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Slow Flight

This rant about slow flight is a work in progress. I had to rid it of a lot more anti-FAA commentary to proceed, then, of course (me, being me) ran out of time to complete it before my deadline. Hence,

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Get Vaccinated

It’s June 29th, 2021. I’ve been really bizzy doing very little, that’s why I’m publishing this place holder until I have some lucid thoughts about flying. One thought that’s been flitting in and out of the cobwebbed transom of my

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Vaccinate You MAGAt Morons

Today, May 26, 2021, is the tenth anniversary of my heart attack. Forty-nine years earlier, September 1972, my Dad had a heart attack, the equal of mine. My Dad was in hospital for nearly a week, nearly died the first

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Life After Vaccination

I got my second shot of Moderna vaccine on March 10, 2021, and the two week post-vax waiting period ended on March 24. My wife got her first Pfizer shot on March 27, the second is due on April 18,

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Moderna Vaccine and Other Fascinating Tidbits

(Airplane stuff, I swear, at the bottom of this piece. No. Really.) Today is 1 March 2021 and I was ‘sposed to get my second Moderna COVID inoculation today. Unfortunately, two weeks prior a tragic winter storm kicked the doodoo

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Vaccine – I Feel Good

To grab a line from James Brown and the Famous Flames: “I FEEL GOOD … “ “Why?” asks Gentle Reader. Well, first, there’s an adult in the White House who cares about this country, and cares about its people. I’ve

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January, 2021

We have entered January, 2021. When I started this website (my third over the last quarter of a century), I made a promise to myself to post a new blog entry every month. For the last seven years I’ve missed

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Mele Kalikimaka

Mele Kalikimaka is Merry Christmas in Hawai’an. It’s a tad past the date, but I still mean it. We had to cancel our annual Least Coast New Year’s Eve Party because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I sent an announcement out

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Eight Months ago, I wrote about instructors’ responsibilities and actions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot has happened since, not a lot of it good. The last day I instructed in an airplane was March 15, 2020. As I wrote

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