How To Save a Botched Landing in a Tailwheel

Dan and I were working to get him current in the club Citabria, 901T, on Monday, 22July2019. Immediately below you’ll find Dan’s recounting of the incident, and then you’ll get to read why it was all my fault “After about

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Our thirteen year old Golden Retriever, Skye, left us on 30May2019. She was the sweetest, smartest, most loving dog anyone ever knew. I can’t write about her because the tears start flowing and splash on the desk. I’ll share some

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Why Don’t You Do Right?

A long, long time ago, the brilliant vocal artist, Billie Holiday, sang: “Why don’ t you do right Like some other men do?” At the time, Billie was singing to an unfaithful lover. She didn’t realize, then, that she was

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Reference Heading This month’s blog was supposed to be about the above-named topic “reference heading”. I started it earlier in April, then life, etcetera, got in the way and, well, I’ve run out of time. I’ll get to “Reference Heading”,

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I’ve flown with a couple of pilots lately who had been away from flying for a while. One was a former instrument student who hadn’t done any instrument work in a few years. The other was a private pilot who

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Pilot’s Library – 2

Last month we peered into my pilot’s library and found 5 books – out of the more than 100 flying-related volumes I own. We may only get that much farther, but, what the hell, I like this exercise and none

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A Pilot’s Library

Do you have your own library of flying books? I do. I’m thinking that most pilots do, but I haven’t asked the question – so we’ll just assume that all pilots have a library … and, if they don’t, they’re

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Christmas Gift Flying Movies: Redux

Were there any decent flying movies made after 1960? In last year’s Christmas blog, we mentioned Tora, Tora, Tora, which hit the theaters in 1970 – and is still worth a viewing, especially if you like great flying sequences and

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Fire Season

So we’re on a slightly north-northwesterly heading at 10,500 feet somewhere between east of Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint, Idaho, nearing Lake Pend Oreille. Smoke from the fires we believe to be west and northwest of us – northwest of Priest

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Parachute Operations at Oceanside Airport

Are the parachute operations at Oceanside Airport, safe? Or unsafe? When a pilot gets a letter from his local Flight Standards District Office, it rarely portends fun. “Whoopee. I just got a letter from the FSDO. Laissez les bons temps

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