Mele Kalikimaka

Mele Kalikimaka is Merry Christmas in Hawai’an. It’s a tad past the date, but I still mean it. We had to cancel our annual Least Coast New Year’s Eve Party because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I sent an announcement out

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Eight Months ago, I wrote about instructors’ responsibilities and actions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot has happened since, not a lot of it good. The last day I instructed in an airplane was March 15, 2020. As I wrote

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An Embarrassing Moment on Frequency

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away … it was a happier time. I started flying in 1975 – I believe that means 45 years ago. Lemme tell you of a particularly embarrassing – and totally

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Six Months of Coronavirus Pandemic

As I write this, approaching the end of September 2020, we’ve endured just over six months of the consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We are not happy. Since I stopped instructing on 15March, I’ve flown 38 times for a total

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What Else Have You Done During the Pandemic, Glenn?

Funny you should ask. If you don’t get the reference, look at the title of this post. Duh. Well, since I’m still not instructing and only occasionally flying, I decided that we needed to establish an accounting for our movie

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Logbook Signatures, Part Deux

JC Boylls (11-17-97. 3-2-98, 9-28-98), Lowell Williams (June 4, 2000 and prior) Dante Rockatani (1/7/96), Tom Harnish (1/7/96), John Marshall (5-19-97), Dave Parish Whitaker (5-6-96), Kal Skadberg (5-14-97, 8-20-98 1st tw, 11-2-98 tw endorsement), Mike McCafferty (10-1-98). What’s all those

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Black Lives Matter

It’s hard to avoid politics these days and, while this blog is supposed to be flying-related, what happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Memorial Day of this year, is more important than the focus of my blog. The murder of George

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Pandemic Reading

You’re still stuck at home, you’re bored outta your gourd – what are ya gonna do? Read. It’s pandemic reading time. A while ago, I offered ideas from my pilot’s library. Since the pandemic has offered many of us opportunities

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Life As We Know It – Six Weeks Since The Shutdown Over The Coronavirus Pandemic

Life as we know it, for now. It’s funny what gets you excited when you’ve chosen not to instruct and your spouse is laid off. Much of the excitement is financial. Seriously, when do we ever get excited by something

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Altruism vs Novel Coronavirus

This originally started out to be a paean to Patrick’s Day, and where we were going to spend it, in Hawai’i. The subject, or title, of this piece took care of that. How the novel coronavirus affects aviation, or at

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