More Memories of Flying in Hawai’i

So … here we are, approaching October, as we resume, then conclude our discussion of flying in Hawai’i. These are really fun memories for me. One of the most interesting terrain features on the Big Island of Hawai’i is difficult

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Memories of Flying in Hawai’i

What do I wanna remember from a year of flying in Hawai’i in 2000-2001. Good things, I think, are better to recall than bad things – but there were a few bad memories. The good memories are usually more vivid

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Memories of Flying in Hawai’i

It’s just past noon, PDT, on 30Jun2022. I’ve had thoughts about this topic over time. I wrote about a trip my wife and I took a half dozen years ago, and posted it herein. So … what you’re reading right

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Son of the Best Taildraggers

Maybe this should be titled the rest of the best taildraggers … that I’ve flown. Or not. How ’bout, “Son of the Best Taildraggers.” Gentle Reader. On Tuesday, 30May22, Laurel and I leave for our first holiday since the tRump

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The Best Taildraggers

Okay, the best taildraggers that I’ve ever flown is probably more accurate. I won’t be talking about those plastic abominations currently being built using variations on the name “Cub”. I’ve seen the performance numbers, and I’m sure they’re accurate –

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Pilot Humor

Every occupation has its own humor. Pilot humor comes in many forms, much of it fatalistic. Here are some of my favorites. Q: “At a party, how can you tell who’s a pilot?” A: “You won’t have to. He’ll tell

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Stephen Aloysius O’Daly – me Sainted Oirish Fadder

Sure, my last name is O’Daly – or might have been had I’d been born in the south and west of Cork, where all the failed rebellions against the frkng brits began. “O’ ” means “Son of,” in Oirland. (Which

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Plan for the Future

I dunno about y’all, but I never had a plan for the future – which, I believe, is a thing rarely, if ever, admitted to by those who become very successful in their chosen, carefully-planned careers. My Mother once asked

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Jeanne Daly Salacinski

Today, as I write this, is December 1, 2021. My sister, Jeanne Daly Salacinski, was born on this date, seventy-one years ago. Unfortunately I can’t celebrate her birthday with her because frkng cancer killed her twenty years ago. I frkng

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Happy Tanxgiving, 2021

On November1, 2021, I got my booster COVID-19 shot. The only way I could be more shatterproof would be to have already gotten COVID-19 and successfully recovered. Of course, at my advanced age – and blessed with coronary artery disease

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