An Ode to Solo Flight

Well … maybe not an ode … that would infer poetic skills that I lack. Regardless, first solo is usually the one aspect of flight that, while recalling the epic moment, glazes over the eyes of grizzled, gruff, experienced airmen.

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For Lack of a Taxiway …

… a runway was lost. Episode 6 of the MYF Runway 23 Reconstruction Fiasco … or is this episode 465? What has the Montgomery Field Airports Administration folk been up to, lately? Don’t ask. Okay, ask, if you must. A

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Holy Haysoos – the MYF Runway 23 Reconstruction Project Is Completed?

MYF Runway 23 Reconstruction is completed. Well … no, not really. Holy Haysoos. Runway 23 was opened to air traffic on Thursday, 11 August 2016. So that means that perhaps the longest runway reconstruction project in the history of airports

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Montgomery Field Runway 23 Reconstruction Project Into Second Year

You Mean It’s Not Over Yet? I write on 25July2016 to inform y’all that Runway 23 is still closed. If you’ve followed this rant from the start, you’ll know that the City Airports folk – including the City Real Estate

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Matt Schmitzer …

… Montgomery Field Airport Manager is a good guy. We’re not so sure about his boss, but Matt cares about his customers and those of us who lease ground from the City. We like Matt Schmitzer. We’ll like him even

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My Wife’s First Solo

You never know how you’ll react when a loved one solos an airplane. When you’re an instructor, the event becomes even more complicated intellectually and emotionally. Here’s a story for you. For a while I was Laurel’s instructor, but then

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Ridiculous Runway Runaround Is Almost Over

The fumbling construction follies near completion and, mirabile dictu, Runway 28L opened for takeoffs and landings on 5May2016. After nearly ten months, Montgomery Field (no, I will never write the City’s new name for our airport), one of the bizziest

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“Who Did You Have Lunch With?”

If you could have lunch with anyone in aviation history, living or dead, who would you choose? The Wright Brothers, of course, would be high on anyone’s list. Charles Lindbergh? Without a doubt. Amelia Earhart? I’d find it fascinating. Who

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The Police State – Big Brother Is Watching

Be careful what you do, what you say, and how you fly – Big Brother is watching. Apparently your friends (certainly not mine) at the FSDO get reports whenever you do something “wrong”. What does “wrong” mean? How about rejecting

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Montgomery Field Reconstruction

What’s been happening with the Montgomery Field Reconstruction project? Funny you should ask. One of us (the writer) has had hand surgery which made him so stupid (much stupider?) for a while that he had a hard time composing words,

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