April Fool

A collection of flying speculations appropriate for the day. The Buffoon-in-Chief, Donald F (hmmmm … what could we think up for that middle initial?) Trump, appoints Rocket J Squirrel as FAA Administrator. When informed that Mr Squirrel was a fictional

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Flight School vs Flying Club

Which is better? A Flight School, or a Flying Club. Perhaps we’ll venture a few guesses in this month’s blog.

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Cross Country Traffic Pattern – Redux

The topic of this month’s rant is the constantly annoying, logically unexplainable, incredibly expensive, sometimes dangerous, often unsafe, and bloody frkn stupid cross country traffic pattern. The 2016 version of the Airplane Flying Handbook, FAA-H-8083-3B, recommends flying a normal airport

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I’ve been actively involved in aviation since 1975, but I’ve been passionately engaged in aviation my entire life – or at least since my first airplane ride in a United DC-6 from Idlewild to San Francisco in 1952. That would

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Christmas Gift Flying Movies

It is our habit – Laurel’s and mine – on Thanksgiving Day to start watching all of the 25 or so Christmas movies we own. Our Thanksgiving tradition begins in the morning with pumpkin pie for breakfast – face it,

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Up until now, in the long, forlorn, misbegotten history of FAA, the agency has done exactly one good thing: ATIS. I mean, before whatever FAA genius (insert chuckle, guffaw or cackle, as appropriate to your own level of sarcasm/cynicism) decided

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Fall (such as it is) has arrived here in SoCal and a wise pilot might ponder a flight training plan for the upcoming winter weather. (Realize that “winter” here under SoCal Skies means four months of the spring-like conditions you’d

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September Blog – ATC and Pilot Communications

My very good friend, Jeff Acord, has started a blog and anyone who cares about aviation ought-a start reading it. The URL is as follows: radar-contact.com. His first entry involves ATC-pilot communications and all of us can learn from it.

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Monsoon. Conjures up images of rice paddies whipped by gales and slashing rain, don’t it? Clipper ships in South Pacific seas battening hatches and furling sail, riding out the storm. By odd chance, the version we get under SoCal Skies

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Why We Fly

@sgdalyskyho #HeresWhyWeFly Why we fly. A statement. Or is it a question: why do we fly? Could it be a disease: “I’m sorry, Maam, but your boy has flyingitis. I’m afraid it’s incurable.” Maybe it’s an addiction as habit-forming as

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