Stephen Aloysius Daly

Stephen Aloysius (O’)Daly This being February, it draws to mind me late, sainted Oirish Fadder, Stephen Aloysius Daly, whose 95th birthday we celebrate at the end of this month. I don’t often reminisce – okay, I do – but I

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Be It So Resolved

Doesn’t that sound dreadful? “Be it so resolved … .” Sounds like a political statement, don’t it? The beginning of another needless law. And, considering the horrors of the 2016 presidential campaign, the choices, the outcome, do we really want

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A Christmas Carol

Okay, apologies to Dickens for borrowing the title … but, what the heck, he’s dead, and there’s no copyright on titles. I could call this “Moby Dick” if I wanted. (Why, of course, would be a pertinent question.) Perhaps I

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10,000 Hours

What would you do for your 10,000th hour of flight? Let me preface that with this. Airline pilots regularly retire with 20,000 hours or more. One of my favorite people ever, C. J. Logue, retired from TWA with over 24,000

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An Ode to Solo Flight

Well … maybe not an ode … that would infer poetic skills that I lack. Regardless, first solo is usually the one aspect of flight that, while recalling the epic moment, glazes over the eyes of grizzled, gruff, experienced airmen.

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For Lack of a Taxiway …

… a runway was lost. Episode 6 of the MYF Runway 23 Reconstruction Fiasco … or is this episode 465? What has the Montgomery Field Airports Administration folk been up to, lately? Don’t ask. Okay, ask, if you must. A

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Holy Haysoos – the MYF Runway 23 Reconstruction Project Is Completed?

MYF Runway 23 Reconstruction is completed. Well … no, not really. Holy Haysoos. Runway 23 was opened to air traffic on Thursday, 11 August 2016. So that means that perhaps the longest runway reconstruction project in the history of airports

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Montgomery Field Runway 23 Reconstruction Project Into Second Year

You Mean It’s Not Over Yet? I write on 25July2016 to inform y’all that Runway 23 is still closed. If you’ve followed this rant from the start, you’ll know that the City Airports folk – including the City Real Estate

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Matt Schmitzer …

… Montgomery Field Airport Manager is a good guy. We’re not so sure about his boss, but Matt cares about his customers and those of us who lease ground from the City. We like Matt Schmitzer. We’ll like him even

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My Wife’s First Solo

You never know how you’ll react when a loved one solos an airplane. When you’re an instructor, the event becomes even more complicated intellectually and emotionally. Here’s a story for you. For a while I was Laurel’s instructor, but then

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