People Will Talk

Here’s what some of my students have to say about me. None of these comments have been edited – not even the one from Beezie telling me that I couldn’t sing. Pshaw. He’s never heard me do my Patrick’s Day version of, “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling,” after a couple of pints of Guinness.

“Having just finished my Tailwheel Training with Glenn, I have to say that he is by far the finest instructor I have ever flown with. He makes you feel safe, which is huge when you are learning new and not-so-intuitive skills. He makes you feel confident no matter how long it takes. And he makes you feel like learning is a joy, which is just how it should be. Finally, there is the “fun factor”. Glenn is a laugh-riot to be with and fly with. I haven’t had so much fun in years. Here is the best testimonial of all…..I can’t wait to take his Mountain Flying Course, just to be able to fly with him some more. Make an appointment with this guy while you can……you will never regret doing it!”

– Don, San Diego


Ah the “C” word….CONFIDENCE…something that I of the female persuasion didn’t have.  An unnerving incident when I was a few hours into my flight training only deepened the lack of significantly.  After the incident and by grace from above, I decided I really did want to do this flying thing and went on to solo.  However, even after soloing I was having a difficult time with confidence and a less than supportive situation.  My husband inquired around and Glenn was recommended by other instructors and examiners.  Glenn gave me the confidence I needed to get the job done…and trust me…it wasn’t easy.  I went on to get my tailwheel endorsement from Glenn…and that was an even bigger (as in HUGE) accomplishment considering what I had been through.  Later on when I suffered a huge confidence crusher in my flying, it was Glenn who was there to give me wisdom, encouragement and the confidence to persevere!  Thank you Glenn”

– Heather, Escondido


 “How do you choose a good instructor?

I know I did.

Glenn trained me to be a private pilot and instrument rated pilot.  There are many instructors out there that can do that, but how do you train one for emergency?

I had an emergency and almost crashed on a KHND runway.  I had exactly two seconds and 20 feet to re take off.  The only thing that went through my mind is Glenn screaming at me “FLY THE FR#$%ING AIRPLANE!!!”  That’s what saved me and my family.

For that I will always be grateful.  When it comes down to it- he knows his job. Thank You”

– Ken, San Diego


“Glenn Daly is an outstanding flight instructor! He teaches with a perfect balance of professionalism and sense of humor that puts the student at ease. Glenn has more practical, aeronautical knowledge than any other instructor that I have interacted with over my years of flying. In addition to his great wealth of aviation knowledge, he also understands how to break down important and complex elements of learning into easy to grasp concepts. Flying with Glenn Daly has been a truly wonderful experience. Whether you are looking to take your first flight lesson or alternatively if you are a seasoned pilot looking to sharpen your skills, I highly recommend flying with Glenn Daly!”

– Tom, La Mesa, CA, CFI (Tom was an instrument, commercial and CFI student of mine. I swear I didn’t pay him to write this.)


“When I was in the market for an instrument instructor, I quizzed pilots and instructors. A few instructors got high marks but Glenn was consistently regarded as the instructor’s instructor. We went up for a trial flight and by the end of that flight I knew I had found the right person. I should point out that Glenn was not the only instructor I auditioned. I also have a great deal of teaching experience and I am a tough grader in this department.

Getting a private pilot’s license or an instrument rating is hard work as well as a lot of fun. Glenn has a unique ability to push the student to the very edge of their ability without pushing them over the cliff.  Glenn understands fun and brings that understanding with him to the cockpit. Just don’t let him sing. Sorry Glenn, this is not your strength.

I still fly with Glenn from time to time if I’m feeling a little rusty. It’s always a great learning experience and a lot of fun. It’s been four years and I’m still here so he must have done something right.”

– Beezie, San Diego


“As an executive who works and travels too much, finding time to fulfill a dream of becoming a pilot posed unique challenges.  The legendary John King, recognizing a hard case, suggested to me that Glenn Daly was the right instructor for the job.  The mission: take a guy who flew in from Dubai with no written, no medical, no manuals … not even a headset … and produce a private pilot during a one-month visit to San Diego.  By rearranging his schedule and providing flexible and creative instruction, Glenn helped me get it all done 24 working days.  We’ve since teamed up to add an instrument rating and tail wheel endorsement.  I’m a good example of how Glenn partners with his students to help them succeed.”

 – Mark, Washington DC


“I was looking to learn to fly a couple of years ago. I was very lucky to have Glenn recommended to me by an experienced pilot. The teaching experience Glenn gave me was amazing. I am sure you could choose an Instructor by price but I can assure you, you get what you pay for. I passed my check ride the first time, while several of my friends tried several times and failed.”

 – Dave, San Diego


Glenn was my second choice as an instructor. If he would’ve been my first, I’d have no idea just how good he is. My story is a bit different than most. I was never drawn to flying as a kid. I was in my late 40’s when I decided to try for a private pilot’s certificate merely as a method to avoid I-10 traffic. My first instructor had me convinced that I was (and always would be) unable to fly. He was a strictly by the numbers guy. I was unable to process his directions quickly enough let alone translate them into the correct control movements. On one particularly difficult (for me anyway) lesson where I was getting yelled at seemingly on every maneuver I’d had enough. I gave up. I gave him the plane and ended the lesson humiliated and defeated. I related the experience to an acquaintance of mine who is a private pilot and he convinced me to try another instructor. Not knowing where to turn I found a list of pilots on the web. I started at the top of the list and picked the the first instructor that had a website that worked. After a phone conversation with Glenn where I explained my utter lack of flying ability we scheduled a flight. I was somewhat apprehensive and a bit timid as we taxied out for our first flight together as my last flight (with my previous instructor) ended leaving me feel like an abysmal failure.

 I quickly forgot my previous flight as Glenn helped me learn to fly the plane. It was reassuring and relaxing and I started to have fun. I began to look forward to flying lessons. As we flew, I accidentally learned aviate, navigate and communicate.  As my skills progressed Glenn taught me how to increase my flying precision. To this day, when I fly with my family, if I make a mistake I can hear Glenn’s voice in my headset admonishing me in a reassuring way, because he knows I can do better. 

Glenn’s belief in me has in turn helped me to strive to be the best pilot that I can be. Glenn also taught me to fly on Instruments with the same demeanor as my PPL.

 I believe I am a safe pilot because of the skills I learned from Glenn. If you’re reading this you have an incredible opportunity to learn from my mistake. Choose Glenn as your first instructor so you won’t need to find a second instructor. You’ll even have fun while you’re learning.

 – Steve, Poway


“You should know that Glenn Daly is a very fine instructor. He has guided and coached me ever since I got my initial tail wheel endorsement years ago. His teaching abilities are superb; his understanding and knowledge of every detail of learning to fly will help you be the best pilot you can be. Although Glenn’s sense of humor is dry, he is fun, affable, and you will have an enjoyable and rewarding experience sharing time with him in the cockpit. If you are looking to learn tail wheel flying—a challenging, but highly rewarding and satisfying accomplishment—you will not find anyone better in Southern California. If you do not know Glenn, give him a call—he will enhance your perspectives of flying no doubt.”

– Dave, King Schools, San Diego


“Glenn (with two “Ns”) was my go-to-guy when I decided to earn an ATR (that’s Air Transport Rating – what, another acronym?). With almost 10,000 hours in my logbook, I didn’t want to fly with someone with a couple hundred hours under their belt. But I’d been mostly, and most recently, flying open-cockpit biplanes so my knowledge of IFR procedures was shaky and my instrument skills were long gone.  With a combination of teaching savvy, humor, and patience Glenn whipped me into shape. His experience as a top notch flight instructor has armed him with a wealth of tips, tricks, and solid advice more valuable than the fair price he charges. There are lots of places that will take your money and teach just what you need to pass a flight check. If instead you want to learn to fly, see Glenn.

 – “Tailspin” Tom, Carlsbad, CA


“Not only did Glenn manage to get me through my Commercial and Initial CFI tickets (quite a recommendation in itself), but I actually had a ton of fun in the process! Sure Glenn is a very knowledgeable Flight Instructor, but what really counts is the ways he connects with people to bring out their very best. Don’t be fooled by his New Yorker tough guy act, Glenn truly cares deeply about every one of his customers and he will find those little ways to make sure you not only succeed but have fun in the process. I can, and regularly do, wholeheartedly recommend Glenn to anyone from Student Pilot to ATP and beyond.”

– Barry, King Schools, San Diego


“Glenn is a dedicated and talented flight instructor. He finds ways to make the most daunting challenges fun. As a brand new student pilot, he gave me more control than I had expected and I found that I learned quickly using his techniques. He is thorough and very knowledgeable (sometimes I get the feeling that he was flying before the Wright Brothers). I highly recommend him for any first-time students.”

– Chrissie, Architect, rally race car driver, San Diego