September Blog – ATC and Pilot Communications

My very good friend, Jeff Acord, has started a blog and anyone who cares about aviation ought-a start reading it.
The URL is as follows: His first entry involves ATC-pilot communications and all of us can learn from it.
Jeff began his ATC career 35 years ago. I got to know him on a tour of the SOCAL TRACON over two decades ago. Over the years, Jeff and I have conducted safety seminars on Mountain Flying and, through the good offices of the Safety Program Manager at the Long Beach FSDO, we made web radio broadcasts on aviation safety topics that were important to us.
Jeff is one of those rarities in the ATC world – he’s an accomplished pilot, and a national speed record holder. Oh, and he’s a really good guy. If you ever get to Hawai’i, the Big Island, you can hear Jeff’s work, live, at the Kona International Airport Air Traffic Control Tower. And, starting 15 September through 25 September, Laurel and I will be freeloading on Jeff and his wife Connie.
Check out Jeff’s blog, please. You will learn something.

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