Things I think I think

I’ve been known to ramble on (and ramble on and ramble on) about flight training topics, and blog-writing can, in some hands, become a pompous self-indulgence. I’ll try to ramble as little as possible in these posts and become as unpompously un-self-indulgent as a pilot can. It may be rough going, at first.

These pages are intended to give a casual reader an insight into flight training in San Diego, as well as to provide a forum for things about which I feel strongly: both good and bad. So, in some instances, you may think that the menu category “Musings” might be changed to “Rantings” or “Incoherent Babblings” or “Old Guy Prattling On”. That’s what happens, sometimes, when you give a grizzled old flight instructor a forum.

Regardless of how these words are characterized, should you continue to visit these pages, we’ll have some fun.

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