Included herein are links to various helpful websites.

Clubs – You can’t start flying until you join one … or buy your own airplane

Plus One Flyers: www.plusoneflyers.org/

Once you join a club, you’ll need to schedule airplanes and, if you’re one of Glenn’s students, his time.

Schedule Master: https://my.schedulemaster.com/

G’umint – the government controls your life as a pilot. Here are some helpful links.

 FAA has lotsa rules and regs – some of them are readable and a few make sense. Here’s their website

FAA: http://www.faa.gov/

Before you visit an FAA appointed medical examiner, you need to submit your application online

MedXPress: https://medxpress.faa.gov/

Once you’ve submitted your medical app, you need to find an FAA medical examiner, herein listed by city and state

AME’s: ame.cami.jccbi.gov/search.asp?search=city

As you proceed along your path to aviation enlightenment, you need to know something about the weather

Aviation Wx Center: http://aviationweather.gov/

Before you sit for your practical test, you need to register with IACRA (Imagine. Another acronym)

IACRA: https://iacra.faa.gov/iacra/

Oops. Just after you became a pilot, you did something stupid and need a get out of jail free card. NASA can help

NASA ASRS: http://asrs.arc.nasa.gov/

You vow never to do anything stupid again. If you want to further your aviation knowledge, FAA Safety can help

FAA Safety: http://www.faasafety.gov/

Training Providers – There are companies and organizations that provide additional help in getting through FAA knowledge exams and beyond. Here are my favorites.

I worked for John and Martha King for six years. They provided great help getting me the information I needed to pass every certificate or rating I sought. I owe them a lot – and they’ll give you a lot of help

King Schools: http://www.kingschools.com/

If you prefer books or inexpensive software, try Gleim. I’ve used Gleim for my Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic for more years than I can count. Dr. Gleim is an outstanding individual.

Gleim Knowledge Transfer Systems: https://www.gleim.com/

The AOPA’s Air Safety Institute has a wealth of information and online courses available to AOPA members

Air Safety Institute: http://www.aopa.org/asf/

Organizations – Membership in aviation organizations can provide many benefits. Here’s a short list

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association has been in the forefront of advocacy for general aviation pilots since before dirt. Under President Craig Fuller, the organization has made amazing strides lobbying for our rights as pilots. Join them.

AOPA – http://www.aopa.org/

The Experimental Aircraft Association represents grass roots flying. The organization is a strong advocate for homebuilders – and all pilots – and its air show, AirVenture, in Oshkosh Wisconsin, is the best in the world.

EAA – http://www.eaa.org/

And if you wanna know all about the world’s greatest aviation celebration, here’s the link. Just go, already.

AirVenture – http://www.airventure.org/

If you’re thinking of becoming a flight instructor, or are looking for one, the National Association of Flight Instructors is the place to go

NAFI: http://www.nafinet.org/

Useful Sites – Well, at least I think they’re useful

If you’re going to take your knowledge exam, you’ve gotta go to a place that provides testing. I prefer Laser Grade, a family run business that actually cares about what they do.

LaserGrade: http://www.lasergrade.com/

I worked for Barnstorming Adventures for ten years – had they known how much fun I had, they could-a got me to work for them for free. If you’d like to take a trip back in time, book a flight.

Barnstorming Adventures: http://www.barnstorming.com/