Who We Are

Those of us who fly under SoCal Skies are an unusual bunch. We are connected by a passion for a sky that draws us up into it and is almost always kind and considerate while we’re within its embrace. The passion we share is palpable and, to those lacking the passion, we may seem slightly unbalanced when we start prattling on about the magic of flight.

We are business owners, engineers and scientists; doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs; butchers and bakers and candlestick makers. We are men and women, husbands and wives and parents and children. We fly for airlines, for companies and corporations, for weekend escapes and for fun. We teach people to fly, or we’re learning all about the intricacies of flight. We are pilots all.

Pilots flying under SoCal Skies are fortunate to have delightful weather, spectacular scenery and fascinating destinations available to them. We sometimes take these benefits for granted – but then a particularly beautiful sunset dazzles our senses, or we pop up through a marine layer overcast to be overwhelmed by an azure sky – and suddenly we remember why we pay the rents we do to live here.

In this section you’ll learn something about those of us who fly in SoCal Skies.