Why We Fly


Why we fly. A statement. Or is it a question: why do we fly? Could it be a disease: “I’m sorry, Maam, but your boy has flyingitis. I’m afraid it’s incurable.” Maybe it’s an addiction as habit-forming as heroine – although far less physically debilitating.

Why we fly has puzzled all, and been pondered by far stronger intellects than mine; yet no one I’ve read has ever offered a definitive answer. It’s a feeling. It’s ingrained. It’s a part of our souls, our psyche, our essence. A friend and fellow instructor described learning to fly as a “life-changing experience” and for many of us it is. It defines who we are but never limits what else we may do – unless we drop that task to leap into the sky. Really, is there anything more important to us than the sky?

The groundlings never get it – and that’s their loss. It’s not that groundlings are bad people, they just don’t experience the joy that the sky brings us. Most groundlings are indifferent. Many of them actively fear the sky. The sky contains “TURBULENCE” and “AIR POCKETS” and more “T-T-T-T-URBULENCE” … and TERROR. We look at the sky with longing; they look at it with dread – although who wouldn’t with the horrors heaped upon us by TSA. Ah, stuck with the airlines, poor devils. If only they knew.

Of course, if they knew, there might be more of us up there and, while that might be nice in small doses, can you picture what the sky would be like if everyone loved it? Can you imagine if the sky were as crowded as the highway? Sheez, you’d have to wear an armored suit to survive all the falling chunks of metal.

SO … that said – er, writ – over the next whatever-is-left of my time hereabouts, we’ll start examining why we fly … on twitter. Yes, I’ve joined twitter. Scary, eh? Daly in the Twitterverse. When old guys join a newer technology, you know that there’s something newer already in existence. (I understand that young people now only use facebook to humor the old people who, after a decade, have finally figured out facebook.) It’s like when old guys start wearing the “latest” fashions, you know that those who wear “latest fashion” have already moved on. Twice.

I don’t think that I’ll babble a lot – what am I limited to, 144 characters? But you will find some wonderful photos that will try to explain why we fly. The first posted in mid-June. My “handle” is above and the hashtag #HeresWhyWeFly will be the theme. (Isn’t this the time when Frankie should start singing: “Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away … .”) Oh, wait … Sinatra. I’m dating myself. Anyone seen my tie dyed Airplane t-shirt?
Yes, Jefferson.

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