SoCal Skies

SoCal Skies isn’t a place, it’s a state of mind. Learning to fly in San Diego, California, is an expression of that mindset. Where else in this country can you experience the topographic diversity of ocean, mountain and desert – just by looking outside the cockpit of an airplane that you are piloting?

E El Cap waterfall 2-27-11

Southern California’s topography is matched by the sublime choices of destinations available to you as a pilot. Like skiing? Fly your family an hour north to Big Bear in the mountains east of LA. Like adventure? Fly your friends to the spectacular Sonoran desert just 50 miles to the east. Want to experience a nostalgic California from times past? Head west to Catalina Island and its “Airport in the Sky”.

The only thing better than all of this is the climate. San Diego is said to have the best weather in the United States: eight months of summer and four months of spring. Daytime temperatures near the Pacific Ocean rarely top 80°F and seldom drop below 55°F at night. VFR flying can be ideal. And IFR flying is available due to the marine layer that is occasionally present – but rare is the day when hard instrument conditions prevail.

For those of us who live in San Diego, we tend to take all of this for granted. For those of you who don’t … well, if you’re looking to learn to fly, this must be the place.

SoCal Skies – if there’s a better place to learn how to fly, we’ve not heard of it.